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Who is WhereBear?

WhereBear was created originally in 2012, as a website to help people find food and drink specials in Burlington, VT. Sure, Facebook and Twitter do some of that for individual places, but WhereBear is designed to be a "one-stop-shop" for finding what's happening around you. 

Why did you get rid of the old site?

The original site was largely influenced by, a visual site for flight and hotel search. WhereBear visualized the food/drink specials on a time map, allowing a user to quickly see any relevant specials and how long they were active. Unfortunately, as these things go, two of the founding team members of WhereBear decided to pursue other interests and moved on to other endeavors. The third founding member decided that was a great opportunity to go to grad school herself, and left Burlington to earn a Master of Architecture degree. Now, in 2016, she is back in Vermont and excited to bring WhereBear back to life. And this "she" is me! Because I'm doing this now with no web development friends, the site has become a blog rather than an interactive website. My hope is this site will be useful and fun to use!

What about those free stickers?

We have restocked and are ready to give away WhereBear stickers again to anyone who wants them. If you sent an envelope and didn't receive your stickers, just send me a message directly and I'll get you hooked up! Many, many apologies for the delay.